TEDxWHU is a non-profit event, which would not be existent without the generosity of all our partners. We would like to thank them for their immense support. Below, you will find some basic information on our partners.





Staatl. Fachingen

Only a few German mineral waters look back on such a long and lively heritage as Staatl. Fachingen.

Kix Energy

Delicious fruit gums that supply your body quickly with energy and valuable vitamins when needed.


Premium quality of soothing pastille producing pleasantess for the stressed throat and voice.


Well-known global brand that offers extensive range of high quality, great tasting gums and jellies.

Griesson-de Beukelaer

Wide selection of products and well-crafted biscuit enjoyment of the highest quality for families.

Juliane Eller Weine

Only wine grapes from Rheinhessen that mature into gemstones and then perfectly refined are called JUWEL.

Schneiders Moritz

An exquisite vineyard located in Pommern managed by a family for more than twelve generations.